This page will feature Tiger, Jaguar, Mountain LIon and Raven Art. Most of the sculptures on these pages are already sold but you can commission one in the size, color and symbolism you want. Each sculpture is one of kind. There are more sculptures by Kathie at the wwwlostettergallery.com site some are shamanic art while others are more folk art. The prints at www.lostenartgallery.com are visionary
and transformative art.

Tiger Art
Tger Art
Kathie Lostetter
             "Siberian Tiger"
sculpture by Kathie Losetetter
Kathie painting a sculpture
"Tiger Drumming"
sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
Jaguar Art
Raven Art
    Raven Art
Jaguar Art
Jaguar Art
Raven Art
Mountain Lion Art, Cougar Art, Puma Art, Cat Art
Mountain Lion Art
Mountain Lion Art
"Jaguars:Guardians of the Rainforest"
sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
"Jaguar Wedding"
sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
Mountain Lions: Into the West"
sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
Mountain Liona with Raven sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
Raven's Drum
"Raven Shaman"
sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
"Raven Song"
sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
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mandala art
"One Drop Mandala", Gelee' Print by Owen Lostetter 12" x 12"
Raven Art, Raven  Image, Shamanic Art
Jagauar art , jaguar sculpture

Tiger Art, Shamanic Art
Feather Painting, Flicker
"The Fire Within" Giclee' by Al Lostetter
cougar art, mountain Lion Art, Puma art
"Cougars", Sculpture
by Kathie Lostetter
Raven Mother, Raven Art
Tiger Art, Siberian Tiger Art, Shamanic Art
"Turquoise Raven "
"Raven Mother"
Jaguar Art, Jaguar Shaman
"Jaguar Shaman"
Raven Art, Raven Sculpture, Shamanic Art
"Grandmother Raven"
Jaguar and Hummingbird