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There are so many wonderful animals and their images have been carried in cave paintings, folk art and shamanic art. On this page we have Deer Art, Raccoon, Art, Owl Art, Turtle Art and Corn Mother Art. The Corn Mother represents the plants, the Mother Earth and the human relationship with plants.
Most of the sculptures here are no longer available but there always new ones. My work can be seen at Houshang's Gallery In Santa Fe, New Mexico. 505-988-3322
Deer Art, Blue Deer Art, Spirit Animal,
Deer Art
Deer Art, deer totem, Deer spirit animal
Owl Art, Grey Owl, Owl Totem
Owl Art
Owl Art, Owl Sculpture, Owl Totem, Spirit Animal
Raccoon Art
Raccoon Art
Raccoon Art
"Spotted Owls"
 by Kathie Lostetter
"Elf Owls on Saguaro"!
"Blue Deer with Hawk'
"Raccoons:Joy of Life"
"Raccoon" by Kathie Lostetter
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"Deer in Love" by Kathie Lostetter
Deer Art, Deer Totem, Deer sculpture
Panda Art
Panda Art
Fox Art.
Dolphin Art, Shamainic Art
Dolphin Art
Turtle Art
Turtle Art
Corn Mother Art
Corn Mother Art
Corn Maiden Art
Seal Art, Shamanic Art
Seal Art
Deer Art
"Southern Deer"
"Mother Deer"
"Corn Mother with the Children of the Four Directions on Sea Turtle"
"Corn Maiden" by Kathie Lostetter
"Corn Maiden"
"Hummingbird Corn Mother on Turtle"
Bighorn Sheep Art, cougar art, puma art
Bighorn Sheep Art
"Turtle:Ancient Traveler"
"Fox Guardian"
"Mountain Ram"
"Dolphin Journey"
"Pandas:Into the Future"
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"Deer "
Turtle Art, Sea Turtle Art, Shamanic Art
"Sea Turtle Guardian"

Antelope Art, Shamanic Art
Antelope Art
Mother Earth Art, Mother Earth Sculpture
"Mother Earth/Father Sky"
Fox Art, Fox Sculpture
Owl Art, Owl Sculpture, Grey Owl, Owl Totem
Owl Shaman, Owl Art Images, Owl Sculpture, Owl Totem
Owl Art, Owl Shaman, Owl Sculpture
Owl Shaman
.Grandmother Owl
Owl Guardian