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Horse Art
"On High", Painting by
Al Lostetter
horse art
"Sun Horse", Sculpture by Kathie Lostetter

Animals inspire and fascinate us in many ways. Kathie Lostetter creates the animals of folklore, shamanism, nature  and dreams.You are invited to view them here and more extensively at www.lostettergallery.com. They are exhibited at Houshang's Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Al Lostetter has been known for his visionary Southwest paintings.His vivid, detailed feather paintings layer Native American, Celtic and Japanese motifs with macaw and wild bird feathers.His work can also be seen at www.lostenartgallery.com , www.lostettergallery.com
Owen Lostetter has been known for his abstract sculpture and paintings and his digital original Mandala prints. He has a series of collaborative prints with Al Lostetter that have animals like eagles, hummingbirds and buffalos. Some of these are displayed in the next pages but more specifically for sale at www.lostenartgallery.com .
Buffalo Art
White Buffalo art
buffalo art, feather art
"Full Light of Day"
giclee' print
by Al Lostetter
buffalo art
"Buffalos:Song of Life",
Owen Lostetter sculpture
"Untitled" Sculpture by Owen Lostetter
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Frog Art
Frog Art
"Frogs"by Kathie
horse art, feather art
"Young Rider", Giclee' by Al Lostetter
Available: 8"x12"
horse Art
"Horses with Falcon" by Kathie Lostetter
Buffalo Art
.giclee'print by Al and Owen Lostetter
www.lostenart gallery.com
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Spiral art, mandala art
"Green Spiral Mandala" Digital Original Giclee' by owen Lostetter
feather art, horse art
white buffalo art
White Buffalo
"Epona:Horse Goddess"
by Kathie Lostetter
Buffalo Art, buffalo skull art
"Cathedral of the Prairie" Giclee Print by Al; Lostetter 16"x24"

Frog Art, Turtle Art
frog art
"Little Frogs",

abstract sculpture
Owen lostetter with his scu;pture at his opening at Gabriel Gallery
buffalo art
   " White Buffalo
Buffalo Guardian
"Frogs: Guardian of the Waters"

Kathie Lostetter  making buffalo sculpture
Abstract Sculpture
abstract sculpture
"Untitled" by Owen Lostetter
Buffalo Art Image, Buffalo Sculpture, Buffalo Sculpture, Buffalo spirit, Buffalo Totem
White Buffalo  Art, White Buffalo Totem
Animal Helper Art, Cat Art, Bear Art, Coyote Art, Raccoon Art, Cougar Art, Cougar Totem, Bear Totem, Coyote totem, Raccoon Totem, Raccoon Sculpture
Group of animal sculptures
Buffalo Guardian
White Buffalo Guardian