Horse Art
"On High", Painting by
 Al Lostetter
horse art
"Sun Horse", Sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
Buffalo Art
White Buffalo art
buffalo art, feather art
"Full Light of Day"
giclee' print
 by Al Lostetter
buffalo art
"Buffalos:Song of Life",
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Frog Art
Frog Art
"Frogs"by Kathie
horse art, feather art
"Young Rider", Giclee' by Al Lostetter
Available: 8"x12" 
horse Art
"Horses with Falcon" by Kathie Lostetter
Buffalo Art
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Spiral art, mandala art
feather art, horse art
white buffalo art
White Buffalo
"Epona:Horse Goddess" 
by Kathie Lostetter
Buffalo Art, buffalo skull art
"Cathedral of the Prairie" Giclee Print by Al; Lostetter 16"x24"

Frog Art, Turtle Art

buffalo art
    " White Buffalo
Buffalo Guardian
"Frogs: Guardian of the Waters"

Kathie Lostetter  making buffalo sculpture
abstract sculpture
"Untitled" by Owen Lostetter
Buffalo Art Image, Buffalo Sculpture, Buffalo Sculpture, Buffalo spirit, Buffalo Totem
White Buffalo  Art, White Buffalo Totem
Group of animal sculptures
Buffalo Guardian
White Buffalo Guardian
Amidst the technology and patterns of modern life, I still find the random encounters with nature to contain the supernaturally charged fabric of myth. I personify nature in my sculpture with visionary imagery that comes from my dreams and my relationship with animate and inanimate natural phenomena.                                     KL