Welcome to the mythic animal sculpture that includes Bear, Coyote, Wolf and Pet Art section of the Spirit Animal Art Gallery.These sculptures by Kathie Lostetter are hand built in clay and fired. They are then painted in oils and further embellished. They represent a reverence for wildlife as well as an expression of Shamanic Art. For more information visit www.lostettergallery.com or e-mail.

Bear Art
Bear Art
"Bears:Joy of Life", sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
"Grandmother Bear",Polychrome Terracotta Sculptue by Kathie Lostetter
Bear Art
Polar Bear Art
"Polar Bears: Song
of the North"

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Coyote Art
coyote art, coyote sculpture
"Coytoes with Raven"
Sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
Coyote Art, Coyote Sculpture
"Coyotes", Sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
Otter Art
Otter Art
"Otters" By Kathie Lostetter
Wolf Art
Wolf Art
Otter Art, Sea Otter Art, Shamanic Art, Otter Sculpture
"Otter:Song of the Pacific"
Clay sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
"Wolves"Sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
Sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
"River Otters  with Kingfisher"
by Kathie Lostetter
otter art
pet art, dog art
Pet Art Commissions
Pet Dogs  commission sculpture
pet art, Cat Art
Pet Cat  merged with Lynx by Kathie Lostetter

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Wolf Art
"Grandmother Wolf"
"Bears: Joy of Life"
otter art
Buffalo Art, Feather Art
"Buffalo Hunter",Giclee' Print by Al Lostetter
Available 16'x24" $261 unframed

Kathie Lostetter, Bear Art
Kathie with Bear sculpture
Bear Art, Bear Sculpture
"Bears with Bluebirds"
by Kathie Lostetter
"Grandmother Bear with
Mountain Babies"11"x6"x4"

bear art
"Bear  Storyteller"
Bear art, Southwest Art, Bear sculpture
Black Bear
"Polar Bears: In Love"
Animal totems, Cougar Art, Bear Art, coyote Art , Raccoon Art
Group Of Animal Sculptures
Big group including bear, coyote, mountain lion, cornmother, buffalo,hummingbird, rabbits, bear, raccoon and jaguar art