Animals are portrayed in the oldest human art in caves and petroglyphs. They inspire us in nature as well as in our dreams.

eagle art, mandala art
"Star Eagle Mandala"digital original Giclee' Print by Al and Owen Lostetter, Available 12"x12"
Eagle Art
eagle art, feather art
"Custodians of Myth"
Painting and Giclee' Print by Al Lostetter 15"x20"

Kathie's sculpture includes: Rabbit, Deer, Tiger, Jaguar, Eagle, Bear, Hummingbird, Coyote, Wolf, Otter, Raccoon,
Turtle, Frog, Eagle, Seal, Dolphin, and Owl art..She has done commission pet sculpture and combinations of different animals representing animal guides and totems in a family.  They represent dream animals as well as wildlife, shamanic guide animals and friends. Please e-mail with any questions.
This page is dedicated to Eagle, Hummingbird and Rabbit Art.
eagle art, Bald Eagle Art, eagle sculpture
"Eagles:Into the Future"
sculpture by Kathie Lostetter
Hummingbird Art

"Hummingbird & Morninglory" 6"x4"x4"

Rabbit Art
"Rabbits:Joy of Life"
Sculpture by Kathie Lostette
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detail "Rabbits in Love"
by Kathie Lostetter
"Golden Eagles" By Kathie Lostetter
Eagle Art, Feather Art, Pottery Art
"Where Heaven Stands", Giclee' Print by Al Lostetter 14'x28"

"Rabbits with Hummingbird"  
Hummingbird Art
"Mother and Baby Hummingbird"
Falcon Art
Peregrine Falcon Art
"Peregrine Falcon"
Hummingbird Art, Feather Art
"Along the Way", Giclee' Print
by Al and Owen Lostetter 20"x30"
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Here is the work of a family of artists who connect to the spirit of the earth and nature in our work. We hope you enjoy your visit. There are so many animals that you need to browse through the pages to see them all.
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animal art, animal scu;pture, shamanic art
These are some of Kathie Lostetter's Spirit Animal Sculptures that represent the variety of animals including pet dogs and cats.
Eagle Art, Golden Eagle Art
Hawk Art, Hawk Sculpture, Shamanic Sculpture
Hawk Art
Oil Painting, Southwest Art, Evening Prayer , Al Lostetter
Al Lostetter, "Morning Prayer"